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Network Representatives:

The Politics Network invites scholarship that deals with political history, institutions, organization, and mobilization, as well as the politics of policy-making and political processes across time and place. We are concerned with politics on multiple levels (local, regional, national,inter- & trans-national), as well as politics' intersections with a broad range of other entities, processes and organizations: the state, the economy, cities, work and organized labor, culture and knowledge production, welfare state institutions, social citizenship, and education.  Sessions listed with the Politics Network frequently overlap with the following networks: States and Society; Culture; Macro-Historical Dynamics; Migration/Immigration; Race and Ethnicity; Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Urban; Economics; Labor; and Criminal Justice/Law.

In keeping with the traditions of the SSHA we encourage interdisciplinary panels and welcome paper submissions from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives.  While complete panel proposals are preferred (including author-meets-critics book sessions), we will also do our best to place high-quality individual paper submissions.

The submission deadline is February 14, 2014; submissions can be made via the following link: conference.ssha.org.  Consistent with the 2014 conference theme, we are especially interested in works that deal with the relationships between politics and inequalities. More specific topics might include:

  • the politics of money, banking, finance, and financial regulation
  • historical and comparative political economy before and after the financial crisis
  • politics and technology, media, knowledge and expertise, religion, and other cultural phenomena
  • grassroots movements, parties, states and governance, and new political forces
  • global, transnational, and regional politics
  • the politics of social and economic policy
  • the politics of education and educational finance
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